In Australia, disability and social isolation often go hand in hand. It’s something that the NDIS aims to prevent, with a number of supports in place to encourage community and social participation.

However, no matter how hard the NDIS tries, these supports can sometimes fall flat. Without the proper systems in place, it can be difficult for NDIS participants to feel truly included. Oftentimes, it can feel more like a check on a box. 

And when social and community participation feels like just another “task” it can have a dramatic impact on the individuals experiencing it. 

We all know that being isolated and excluded has profound impacts on self worth and self esteem, and that people with a disability want to live in a society where they are not viewed as “those people with disabilities”. But are empowered, encouraged, and able to live a normal, enjoyable life that gives them purpose.

And, with Easy Community Services, we work hard to prevent NDIS isolation. Not by checking off a box, or lumping individuals into a box and taking them to the “easy destination”. Instead, we aim to give individuals all the tools and support they need to live their best lives, their way. 

Why community and social participation is so important in the NDIS 

After 2019, most of us are well aware how detrimental social isolation can be for individuals, and how important community and social participation is. It’s what we’re made for – to exist in groups, communities, and to thrive together, not apart. 

It differs from loneliness, and can negatively impact not just the enjoyment of life, but the motivation to complete everyday tasks; to live.

And when it comes to living with a disability, it can be a major detriment to not just the quality of life, but the ease at which the individual is able to manage their disability. 

Think about it like this: when you struggle through something alone, it can feel hopeless. Like you’re the tree that’s falling in the woods and, if no one is there to see it, it’s like it never happened. 

But when you reach out to even one friend … and that friend supports you, lets you vent, validates your struggle, and maybe even gets to that point about making dark jokes about everything … The problem feels smaller. 

And this is exactly so for individuals living with a disability. We’re not saying a disability in itself is an eternal struggle, but as these individuals are more prone to isolation and exclusion from the community, it’s especially important to ensure these people are connected. 

So they can be reminded why they’re here, why they’re pushing and to, for even a moment, exist as just them. A human being with a heart, soul, mind, and a good sense of humour too, we’re sure 😉

Community and social participation is crucial for NDIS participants, and it’s catered under the NDIS for this reason. 

It can:

  • Help you feel included and connected t others
  • Give you opportunities to build relationships with friends
  • Grow your social networks to help you feel more included
  • Increase your confidence and build your ability to participate with your peers
  • Help you develop skills to be more independent and feel safe in your community
  • Build skills and relationships that help with getting a job
  • Help you find activities and things you actually enjoy doing

And with the right support – amazing things are possible.

Social participation with Easy Community Services

Preventing NDIS isolation with Easy Community Services 

At Easy Community Services, we understand just how detrimental isolation can be for individuals under the NDIS. 

It’s why we do whatever we can to ensure easy, comfortable, and ENJOYABLE community and social participation for our clients. 

It’s not just about a “one-size-fits-all” approach. We understand that everyone’s needs are different, so we work directly with our clients to create a care plan that is tailored to their individual needs and preferences. And, more than that, we work with our clients’ families and carers to ensure that every single person is involved in the planning process. 

So nothing goes ignored.

Our mission is to ensure that each of our clients feels safe, receives the highest quality care, and that their resources are managed with integrity. We don’t “wrap you in cotton wool”. When you become a client with Easy Community Services, we empower you to achieve your goals and maintain control of your life and your direction. 

It’s about helping you build initiative, expand your world and increase your capabilities. 

We offer personal care, assistance with daily living, transportation, meal preparation, housekeeping, short-term accommodation and social support with a difference. 

We take many of our clients for weekend trips and we’ve even been known to take clients away for full fledged trips. One of our clients wanted to get down to Tasmania to visit their family, and we made this possible. 

Why? Because preventing isolation goes beyond an event or two at the local bowls club. It’s about discovering what our individual clients need to thrive, so we can make it possible. 

And the results are absolutely mind-blowing …

Preventing NDIS isolation for Louise

Louise is just one of our clients who has benefited from the support of Easy Community Services. She requires assistance with daily living activities and says that Easy Community Services has made a “huge difference” in her life. 

But she’s just one example of the many people who have benefited from our support. We are proud to make a difference in the lives of NDIS participants, and we’re committed to providing high-quality, personalised care that meets the individual needs of our clients. 

And even when we’re just assisting with meal prep or housekeeping, our dedicated, compassionate team provides the kind of service that leaves you with that warm-fuzzy feeling. 

So you can break free from isolation, and experience the best quality of life possible. 

If you are an NDIS participant or a family member of an NDIS participant, we encourage you to contact us today to learn more about our services. We would be happy to answer any questions you have and to discuss how we can help you or your loved one live a more independent, involved and fulfilling life. Preventing NDIS isolation and getting you back in touch with everything you love most about life!